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Frank Noonan was nominated by Governor Corbett on January 18, 2011, to be Commissioner of Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) and was confirmed by the State Senate on April 12, 2011
Frank Noonan is a career investigator with more than 42 years of experience. He began his career in 1971 as an FBI agent, investigating public corruption, drugs, bank robberies and kidnappings.
Following his retirement from the FBI in 1998, Noonan was appointed as Northeast Regional Director for the Attorney General's Bureau of Narcotics Investigation. After 11 years as Regional Director, Noonan was promoted to Chief of Criminal Investigations for the Office of Attorney General in July of 2009.
As Regional Director of the northeast region, Noonan oversaw some of the largest drug cases in the history of northeast Pennsylvania, including: Operation Bonecrusher, a $2 million cocaine ring; Operation Smackdown, a multi-million dollar heroin ring; Operation Bad Rap, a multi-million dollar cocaine and marijuana ring; and Operation Heavyweight, two violent drug gangs operating in Wilkes-Barre.
Noonan received the Linda E. Richardson Commitment to Excellence Award, which is the most prestigious award given by the Pennsylvania Narcotics Officers' Association. The award is not given out on a regular basis, but instead is reserved to recognize extraordinary people who show continued achievement in narcotics enforcement.
He is a graduate of West Chester University.