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Upcoming Events

2022 Exercises and Training

September 22 - VIRTUAL
A Deep Dive on Proxies, VPN’s, Darknets and Dark Markets (NW3C)
Registration is now open

October 20 - Hershey
School Safety Conference: Capital Area
Registration is now open

October 27 - VIRTUAL (GOHS)
Faith-based Security & Resilience Learning Series (Q4)

Holiday Preparedness Training for Retailers

November 1-3 - VIRTUAL
Combatting Transnational Crime and Terrorism Financing (NW3C)

November 3 - Pittsburgh
6th Annual Security & Risk Management Symposium
Registration is now open

November 10 - Bloomsburg
Bloomsburg - Fair and University Prevention & Protection TTX

November 16 - Montgomery County
School Safety Conference: Montgomery County
Registration is now open