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Director & Homeland Security Advisor

Director Marcus Brown

Marcus L. Brown was appointed Pennsylvania’s Homeland Security Advisor and director of the Office of Homeland Security in 2015 by Governor Tom Wolf. Director Brown serves as the Commonwealth’s primary point-of-contact on homeland security issues and the Governor’s senior advisor on all matters related to acts of terrorism in the Commonwealth. Prior to his appointment, Director Brown served 25 years in law enforcement, the majority of it with the Baltimore City Police Department. He served as the Commander of Special Operations, Internal Affairs, Northwest Patrol District and Legal Affairs.  He finished his career in Baltimore as the Deputy Commissioner of Operations which is the second highest ranking position in the Department. 

In 2007, he was appointed Chief of the Maryland Transportation Authority Police where he remained until he was appointed Superintendent of the Maryland State Police in August 2011, serving until January 2015. Director Brown has held many leadership positions on the state and national level and is active in many organizations.  He was named President of the Maryland Chiefs of Police in 2013, and previously served as the Vice President in 2011.  He was the Chair of the Statewide (Communications) Interoperability Committee, the Maryland Police & Correctional Training Commissions, and the Superintendent’s Council of Advisors on Diversity and Inclusion.  He was a member of the Governor’s Family Violence Council and the Maryland Center for School Safety.  He was an active member of the Police Executive Research Forum and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  He also oversaw the Office of the State Fire Marshal and the Maryland Fusion Center which fall within the organizational structure of the Maryland State Police. As Superintendent of the Maryland State Police, Director Brown organized the creation of the Special Operations Bureau and the reorganization of the Criminal Investigation Bureau.  These changes allowed the Maryland State Police to focus on inter-jurisdictional statewide crime and improved the ability to effect local crime trends and, along with Maryland State Police’s strong relationship with local law enforcement, resulted in historic reductions in statewide crime and traffic fatalities. Under Director Brown’s leadership, the Maryland State Police became nationally accredited for the first time in 2014. The Department is the first State Police agency in the country to receive the CALEA Tri-Arc Award for accreditation in law enforcement, communications, and training. 

A native of Cumberland County, Colonel Brown holds a Bachelor of Science in Business/Marketing from the Pennsylvania State University, as well as a Juris Doctor from the University of the Baltimore School of Law.