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Are you safe online?

Individual users and businesses need to follow cybersecurity tips, keep their computers equipped with updated security software and technologies and, if appropriate, have their systems checked over by a qualified computer technician.  Authorities urge every computer owner to be informed about the trends in cybercrime, as well as about available cyber security technologies to abort any threat of attacks.

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DHS Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET®)

 The Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET®) is a self-contained software tool which runs on a desktop or laptop computer. It evaluates the cybersecurity of an automated, industrial control or business system using a hybrid risk and standards-based approach, and provides relevant recommendations for improvement.  The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Control Systems Security Program (CSSP) developed the CSET application, and offers it to all through the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team’s (US-CERT) website.

How CSET Works

CSET helps asset owners to assess their information and operational systems cybersecurity practices by asking a series of detailed questions about system components and architecture, as well as operational policies and procedures. These questions are derived from accepted industry cybersecurity standards.  Once the self-assessment questionnaire is complete, CSET provides a prioritized list of recommendations for increasing cybersecurity posture, including solutions, common practices, compensating actions, and component enhancements or additions. The tool also identifies what is needed to achieve a desired level of cybersecurity within a system’s specific configurations.

Getting Started

Get started by downloading CSET. To learn more about CSET or to request a CD copy of the software, contact For general program questions or comments, contact or visit